24 Beautiful DIY Garden Ball Ideas

24 Beautiful DIY Garden Ball Ideas (10)

Garden balls are a fun and pretty way to provide color, texture, and interest to your flower beds. The beauty of a DIY garden ball is that it can reflect your style and personality. The simplest design is to glue glass gems or pennies onto an existing ball. You can find glass gems at the dollar store, so this is an inexpensive and fun project to try anytime. Hand painting designs onto a ball is great if you have some artistic ability. One of the most fun painted projects we found is the set of a whole watermelon and a half watermelon.

Some of these projects require the use of mortar to affix the decorations onto the ball. Pretty examples include seashells and mixed glass and metal found objects. This is a neat way to display a collection that has been gathering dust in your home. If you really want your garden ball to stand out, try illuminating the inside so it can be enjoyed at night as well as during the day. We found the 24 Beautiful DIY Garden Ball Ideas to enliven your outdoor space. Many of them can be finished in one day. Try your hand at making one of these projects today.

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