30 Stunning Farmhouse Decor Ideas

30 Stunning Farmhouse Decor Ideas (19)

Once confined to the early American homestead, farmhouse design has gotten a trendy do over in recent years thanks to a growing passion for rustic decor. Fresh and comfortably modern, the farmhouse heritage aesthetic can be integrated into any home, regardless of location. Whether it’s a warm welcoming sign outside the door or showstopping mason jar chandelier, you don’t need to live in a barn or own a vast acreage of land to show off a little country style. So what are the characteristics of farmhouse decor? Much like the shabby chic trend, vintage farmhouse and farmhouse inspired items are often heavily painted throughout the years, with multiple layers showing through particularly worn areas. Newly crafted farmhouse pieces often use a glaze or sanding technique that artfully strips away the top coat of an object to show the wood or “base” coats underneath. This technique is widely known as distressing, and is used by many artisans and manufacturers.

Farmhouse fabrics tend to be soft cottons and wrinkly linens, as well as rough burlap for heavy duty or accent use. More decorative fabrics sport attractive vintage pastel floral patterns, as well as the iconic gingham print. Coveted antique farmhouse pieces include metal and wooden crates, canisters, baskets, and signs, as well as an assortment of repurposed country goods such as scales and other worker’s tools. Farmhouse style is undoubtedly punctuated by a blend of recognizable architectural details, but also the rough-hewn furnishings and accessories often passed down through generations and now starting with your very own. Ultimately the goal of the farmhouse aesthetic is to inspire a lived-in feeling of comfort and hospitality through attractive but unpretentious decorations. If you’re looking to incorporate some farmhouse magic into your own abode, look no further than these 30 Stunning Farmhouse Decor Ideas.

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