40 Unique Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

40 Unique Christmas Tree Decor Ideas (32)

The best Christmas is always the creative and eco friendly type. Cutting trees to place in your family’s living room is easily the worst frowned upon activity nowadays during the holidays. There are many interesting ideas out there that replace this old habit. DIY Christmas trees are gaining more ground in peoples’ holiday traditions worldwide. And it’s only your imagination that limits how amazing you want your Christmas to look and feel. This method is highly recommended if you don’t have enough space to fit an actual Christmas tree. It’s also useful for low budgets; you can use stuff from your own home like pillows, egg cardboards, suitcases or even books. If you choose the DIY version, you can pick the color and texture you or your family most desire. Give it some beautiful decoration as well, and make it unique. Look for ideas from these examples in the photos. It will put your imagination to work and add more fun and excitement to your Christmas.

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