50 Beautiful Spring Bridesmaid Bouquets for Wedding Ideas

50 Beautiful Spring Bridesmaid Bouquets for Wedding Ideas (10)

If you’re planning to exchange vows in March, April, May, or June, you’re one lucky lady spring is prime-time bloom season. Some of the prettiest petals crop up when the weather warms, including peonies, tulips, ranunculus, and anemones. Together, the plentiful possibilities combine to create an expansive catalog of flora to choose from. Even if you’re not so keen on using in-season flowers for your special day, you can easily incorporate other seasonal elements, like the many colors that are associated with spring. With so much growing, tons of hues can be found throughout the transition months, making the palette as varied as the season’s weather. Pastels are incredibly popular in the spring, but so are more saturated shades, as everyone’s excited to say goodbye to the dreariness of winter. Purples, yellows, pinks, and greens are all good options, but don’t be afraid to work with reds, oranges, and even blues, too.

The following bundles of blooms all came from real weddings, and were chosen for their springy flair. There are ideas for any sort of wedding, from formal to casual and from modern to traditional. Get inspired by the diverse collection of bouquets, and start planning the arrangements for your own celebration. Clutches like these are great for the bride, but they’d also work in smaller versions as assortments for the bridesmaids. Go ahead and see all that spring has to offer in the way of gorgeous flowers and colors. Not only are the following bouquets gorgeous, but they’re unique, as well.

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