50 Creative Recycled DIY Projects Pallet Beds Design Ideas

50 Creative Recycled DIY Projects Pallet Beds Design Ideas (39)

These pieces of wood very well can be used in the manufacture of furniture starting from beds, furniture sets, tables, dressers, and every other furniture of your household … You just have to make a decision whether you will paint the palette or to keep it in its original form. In designing pallet furniture, it is most important to ensure the stability and natural surface treatment. All you need are the tools: saws, ordinary, hand grinder, drill and hammer. Still there are some supporting tools, but these are necessary for the whole process itself. Furniture made of pallets is very economical, inexpensive and functional, which is why it became a hit.

There is almost no limit to the ideas in the design and construction of the furniture made of pallets. The greatest application, pallets have as material for garden furniture and for a terrace. Pallets are really the perfect material also for a “do-it-yourself” beds. They’re easy to get and even easier to mount, all they need is a little paint and some basic tools to process and attach. Another positive thing is that beside the bed of the pallets, you will get an additional space for stacking clothes, bedding and the like. As you can see from the pictures below, mount and composition a bed of palette is really diverse, and above all, very easy!

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