40 Best Modern Farmhouse Sofa Family Rooms Decor Ideas And Design

40 Best Modern Farmhouse Sofa Family Rooms Decor Ideas And Design (35)

Hey guys! So this past weekend I spent a good amount of time in our basement, doing some much needed decluttering and cleaning. That poor basement doesn’t get the attention it deserves and I’m ashamed to say it’s often the drop zone for all our junk and random stuff that doesn’t get used often. It’s a walkout basement, so there’s a ton of natural light, a huge living area, a bar, and of course the kids play area. It’s really awesome but I rarely share it here on the blog because it’s just a hodgepodge of random furniture and it usually looks like a hot mess. We’ve got a giant brown couch down there that we’ve owned for years, an old leather recliner, etc, etc. It’s just RANDOM central. Well this past weekend I was rearranging a few things and I decided that it’s finally time to invest some money into the basement. I’d love to get a new sofa and a new loveseat for that space and finally sell our old furniture that’s been around forever.

Well as usual I’m definitely on a tight budget, so I’m on the hunt for affordable farmhouse style sofas that won’t break the bank. But are still beautiful and cozy! I’ve found 40 really great options and I want to share them with you guys today. Hopefully this helps if you’re also in the market for a new sofa or loveseat!

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