40 Rustic Studio Apartment Decor Ideas

40 Rustic Studio Apartment Decor Ideas (28)

Describing an apartment as “rustic” often evokes images of wood cabins, lodges and otter dams outside. How can you take the serenity and warmth of a wood cabin, and inject it into an inner city apartment? This stylish design by Anton Medvedec shows how a rustic, wood panelled design can look both stylish and modern.

Using high, full length wooden panels and flooring with warm oak tones, this apartment yokes serenity and simplicity together in several seamless space transitions. Slatted partitions and white walling add a feel of the industrial, and slim line touches elegance. Marble tiling and sleek furniture add a contemporary feel, while Star Wars figurines give cheek to a simply luscious living area.

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